MinerGate TRON Super Representative

MinerGate is pleased to announce it will support the TRON mainnet by becoming its new Super Representative. Thanks to our strong expertise in high load solutions for both hardware and software systems, MinerGate will help TRON scale to a new level.

TRON SR Elections

The elections are the mechanism to make processes in TRON driven by the community. Support the decentralized web and vote for MinerGate to be TRON’s new Super Representative!
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TRON Vision
The idea behind the TRON Protocol is to create a blockchain-based operating system. One of its main purposes is building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet to store and own data with extremely high throughput, availability, and scalability.
TRON DApp Platform
TRON is easy for beginner developers thanks to its wide community adoption. TRON is focused on lower payment costs, which is drawing the attention of a lot of DApps.
TRON Performance
High-throughput, high-scalability, and high-availability are the key values driving the technology behind TRON.